Solitary Bee on a Dandelion III

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Pretty much the same setup as the first images in this series, but I’ll list it all again here.

Tech Specs: Canon 70D (F16, 1/250, ISO 100) + a Canon MP-E 65mm macro lens (almost 3x) + a diffused MT-24EX. This is a single, uncropped, frame taken hand held.

Technique: It was windy and the bee could not tell the difference between the vibration induced by the breeze and me grabbing onto the stem of the flower (with my left index finger and thumb). I then rested the lens on my left hand, so that subject and camera were on the same “platform”. I set the shutter to 1/50 to pick up some color in the background. The flash was the primary light source on the subject, so I was able to use the short duration of it to freeze what little motion was left and get a sharp image. I was also shadowing the subject, but the critter was more hungry than afraid of me. Once I got close and set up I stayed close, turning the stem between my finger and thumb as the subject moved so I could keep it looking toward the camera. Once I take the camera away the subject will fly off.

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