Top 1000 Macro Pictures


Love pill bugs! Except this one time… I was working in a flower green house over spring many years ago. My job was to take seedlings and put them in the 6 packs that you get at the store. Most of the time, it

Up close shot of a butterfly

No problem, I did a little research and just bought it recently. The good thing about point and shoot cameras is the new ones now come with a lot of manual settings. The Sony HX50 is by far the best bang for your buck,

What is this cool plant I found?

Sorry for the delayed response, I believe there is both male and female parts on a single plant so there isnt male or female distinctions among this species. The image is of the top and bottom of the foliage, the bottom being the one

Moth on my office window

Hey, I had one of these on my front door a week or so ago, stayed there for about 1 &1/2 days until I blew at it to see if it was dead and it immediately buzzed off. Apparently they can bite too. I’d

Bumblebee face (Bombus)(62 shot stack)

Yeah, I will admit it is a cumbersome and finicky beast 🙂 The dual head flash (MT24EX) is so easy to snap on and go with, I don’t mind the DOF limitations. I WILL admit however that it gets pretty heavy after an hour

Black and white garden ant

It was a leaf =) The reason i actually turned this to black and white was that my diffusers got delivered tinted when they were supposed to be a neutral white color. The original image itself has a yellow and green tint to it.

Llama eye

Iridic granules, aka corpora nigra: they can “interdigitate” in bright light to shade the retina.

I cut open a lime

This is the cheaper, no IS version. I’ve been using this one for a little over a year, trying to kill it on everything I can before upgrading to the IS. * Over two years now, gettin my dates n’ brain thinkin wrong.

2 flies mating

This needs captioning >Let’s not forget how boring golf is. Have you ever watched it on television? It’s like watching flies fuck. A completely mindless game -George Carlin

My Dog’s Eye

I was talking about the cleanliness of the eye, as in the lack of goo-thingy in the eye. However, I forgot to mention that the photography is spectacular 🙂

Hibiscus Stigma

For some reason the… vividness? of this is more frightening than close-ups of bugs and whatnot. It looks like some kind of psychedelic Lovecraftian horror. Bees are brave souls.

Captain Crunch Crunchberry

I sort of thought that but was thinking more along the lines of some sort of egg. Then I realized it’s just captain crunch crumbs. Similarly if you look at the macro of a captain crunch in my above comment you can see residual

Six forks.

I didn’t get it until I read your comment and even then thought we were looking at the handle part and thought OP was utilizing a lot of mirrors to replicate the handles four times for ultra-macro status. …I’ll be right behind you.

Fracture of an aluminum crank arm

Bike mechanic here. If you semi-regularly inspect your cranks, and pay attention to any creaking sounds, this is very unlikely to happen. That dark patch on the bottom is oxidation, which means that potion was exposed to air (cracked) long before the rest of

Macro shot of the human eye

This makes me really consider, what exactly is our iris? I know it’s a muscle to make our pupil larger and smaller, but this picture makes it seem like there must be more to it

Crack in rusted steel

This is a colorized version of an image taken with an electron microscope. I don’t really consider that macro photography.

Backyard Lizard

great pics in your flickr! I’ve been pretty happy with the lens. Ended up buying it off of Craigslist from a photographer who was getting rid of some old gear and I think I paid $400.00 for the lens. It definitely takes some getting

Tobacco worm

Those are [spiracles]( Insects don’t have fancy breathing mechanisms like lungs or gills, they just have little holes that lead to branching trachea tubes that allow the oxygen passively diffuse into the the tissues of the critter. The actual eyes on a caterpillar are

The closest I’ve gotten: Moth scales!

DESTIN, oh my God! Your videos are what made me realize there even were scales on the wings of butterflies and moths. Like that’s why I gave it a shot in the first place. And I listen to the Hello Internet podcast with CGP