Top 1000 Macro Pictures


Wow, very nice shot! I had no idea the eye was quite that detailed, and now I need to take a shot at my own eye.

Knifes Edge

Re the solder, I could maybe see that, but it also took a bite out of the blade at the exact same place. I’m going with spark that was hot enough to melt the blade’s metal for an instant, the spark’s explosive force causing

Julia profile

I’ve often wondered how insects see the world. I’ve seen the ” representations” of a kaleidoscope view because of the multi facets, but do we know how their brains process that information? And how about spiders with their 8 eyes? Should we summon /u/unidan?

Walking Iris

The pedals look like they have [trichomes]( just like a pot plant. Trichomes store most of the THC in pot.

10 Layers of paint over drywall

You might have noticed separation near the top of the pink layer. The pink layer has a chalky texture which reacted with the layer above it. When I cut the plasterboard to repair a water-damaged section, the 5 layers above the pink have a

Up and personal with a Southern Copperhead

Admittedly I did run it though photoshop quickly, but this is pretty much fully do-able in Lightroom. Specifically look at the noise reduction (would be even better with Raw) Obviously element of personal taste goes into anything and I am not at all

A Full Moon

This has been posted in a lot of subs. It is a fake frog with glass eyes. You can see the paint brush marks around the eye and mouth.

Luna moth’s antennae

I can only recall ever seeing a Luna moth in real life on one occasion. I was perhaps 5 or 6 years old. At the time we lived in an old farmhouse out in the country. My siblings and I found it on the

The portrait of a wasp

U$180 for the camera, a used Canon G9 U$100 for the close-up filter msn-202 and U$6 for it’s adapter U$11 for the external flash (cy-20) and U$16 for the cord Still it’s far from being the cheapest setup possible.

Wasp sucking the insides out of another insect

If you look at the left wing (insect’s right) you can tell that the item in discussion is scoop-shaped. Additionally, the light would pass through the cells of a trasnparent wing, allowing us see through it, whereas this elytra is opaque. My guess is

Drops of milk splashing in water

This has gotta be a combination of photos, edited into one, no? I can’t imagine having that wide a focal plane and at the same time, maintaining a fast shutter speed…but i’m not entirely sure. What do you all think?

Inside a guitar

When I’m a millionaire I shall live in a full scale replica of this picture. [Or maybe this one](, I’m quite partial to f-holes on my guitars and they add more light.

Soap bubble planet

So I’m teaching myself some more advanced editing techniques and just learned how to play with layers. Today I took some close up shots of soap bubbles. After I superimposed them in front of some stars so it looks like a planet. Any thoughts

Wasp Stinger

I stepped on this little mothefucker by accident on friday night. I was taking out garbage with my bare feet. All of a sudden i feel pain, thinking it was a piece of glass stuck in my foot. Without looking I pulled it out

Serrated Knife Blade

Thanks! You’ve got to use what you can afford. You can sometimes get great results from subpar equipment. I’ve been really happy with the results from this cheap-o setup. Plus, it’s something you can easily take with you. I can keep the bobby pin

Really weird, really tiny fungus.

I work at a garden center and they pop up in mulch and flower pots often. It’s always interesting to see how high up the tree trunks their little spore packets can stick. Sometimes 2-3 feet.

Pretty big Salticadae I found yesterday

Once you get to this kind of magnification, only a very thin line will be in focus. Standard rule for portrait photography is that the eyes should be in focus. Combine the two, you get this. Thing is though, you definitely are not able