Top 1000 Macro Pictures

Mushroom gills (King Stropharia)

No, why? My recent picture of a centipede was stitched, because I was using an extension tube and a tripod, while this was handheld and without the extension tube. The tripod made getting stitchable shots possible, but really only in the vertical dimension. I

The palm of my hand

A 200mm f/4 lens with a 50mm f/1.7 lens reversed onto the end of it using a macro coupling ring. By doing this, the 50mm lens acts as a very high quality close-up lens. This combination gives 4x magnification, which is pretty extreme. Very

Paint mixing

That certainly sounds right as the black was pretty watered down and the white was a gloopier emulsion mix. Thanks for putting a name to the effect though as you mentioned the wiki does suggest that it is specific to planes separated by a

Fly tongue

Thanks. I use a 5D Mark II, Canon MP-E macro and the MT-24EX Macro Twin Lite. You can see more of my macro shots here

An old watch

Amazing. I am very jealous. I once tried to take a photo similar to this but it turned out nothing like this one… I absolutely love this!

Macro of my girlfriends eye

No not dead, very much alive. I’m weird, not that weird. The color vs. black and white has always intrigued me, however I did hesitate between posting this version and the full color one. Full color next time, sorry bud.

A tiny little screw lying on a quarter

My grandfather, a watch maker, once said that after Japan started making high quality watches in the ’50s, they sent one of their Swiss competitors a sample of what they claimed to be the world’s smallest screw. The Swiss sent it back, after drilling


You’re correct, but the “bees?” card is a Cards Against Humanity card that my friends seem to always pick so its kind of a shoutout to them.

First attempt at a macro eye

u could use self-timer. “There’s a lever at the base of the mode dial. You’ll find it pointed at one of 4 different settings. 1. S = Single shots 2. (image of multiple pages) = Continuous shooting. 3. (image of clock hand sweeping) =

The mosquito drinks from an apple

Camera: Canon EOS 1000D Lens: EF70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM [with macro ring] Shot at 70 mm Exposure: Manual exposure, 1/200 sec, f/6.3, ISO 1600 Flash: On, Fired Focus: At 1.7m, with a depth of field of about 13cm, (from about 6.4cm before the focus

Ladybug floating away on a dandelion seed

Sure. EVERY camera makes an approximation of what we see with our eyes. For example our eyes can see a much greater range of light to dark (dynamic range) than what can be captured by any camera. So when someone designs a digital camera,


Wow, very nice shot! I had no idea the eye was quite that detailed, and now I need to take a shot at my own eye.

Knifes Edge

Re the solder, I could maybe see that, but it also took a bite out of the blade at the exact same place. I’m going with spark that was hot enough to melt the blade’s metal for an instant, the spark’s explosive force causing

Julia profile

I’ve often wondered how insects see the world. I’ve seen the ” representations” of a kaleidoscope view because of the multi facets, but do we know how their brains process that information? And how about spiders with their 8 eyes? Should we summon /u/unidan?

Walking Iris

The pedals look like they have [trichomes]( just like a pot plant. Trichomes store most of the THC in pot.

10 Layers of paint over drywall

You might have noticed separation near the top of the pink layer. The pink layer has a chalky texture which reacted with the layer above it. When I cut the plasterboard to repair a water-damaged section, the 5 layers above the pink have a

Up and personal with a Southern Copperhead

Admittedly I did run it though photoshop quickly, but this is pretty much fully do-able in Lightroom. Specifically look at the noise reduction (would be even better with Raw) Obviously element of personal taste goes into anything and I am not at all

A Full Moon

This has been posted in a lot of subs. It is a fake frog with glass eyes. You can see the paint brush marks around the eye and mouth.
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