Top 1000 Macro Pictures

Hungry Hornet

Step one: Find a hornet on your screen door early in the morning. Step two: Cover the beast with a plastic cup and gently slide it over a paper towel. Step three: Put some honey on the paper towel and slide the cup over

Ant on Dewy Grass

I really doubt that it was a 50 f/1.8 of any brand. This was most certainly some sort of macro lens along with extension tubes for the ant to look that large. The lighting looks like it was added in PP. The bokeh does

Today i found a ladybug

Hello. I used a Canon EOS 5D Mark II equipped with the MT-24EX macro twin lite flash, diffused with a self modified diffuser. The only special thing is that i took the leaf the bug was hanging on around the town and found a

Snail Party

The 16th century had the diet of worms, 500 years later (give or take) we have the conference of snails.

Dead Pixel on my TV.

For anyone interested, this was taken on a T2i with “macro” tubes, i wish i could afford a full fledged macro lens but the tubes aren’t too bad, but they do show this line of focus as you can tell in the photo (where

Wasp looking at it’s shadow

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Fork prongs

Thanks! Actually very little post. I used a great macro lens and was meticulous about the framing / composition and focus. Those 3 things accounted for >95% of the work. In post, I think I made it B&W (the tones were almost B&W, but

Finger Food

I was working on a project (filming Carpenter Bees pollinating a flower) when the honeybees figured out that I had the bait. Since the Carpenter bees were not cooperating, and I was bored, I figured I’d try to shoot the girls as they fed


I’m not the author, I added [OC] to it to not be deleted because image is not from imgur. but answering your question, [from original site](, he used NikonD800 + Nikkor 60mm + wet lens Nexus.


I am so torn about this. It’s both a wonderful submission in terms of being exactly what this sub is about, but it also absolutely repulsive. Mold just grosses me right the hell out. *shudder*


Love pill bugs! Except this one time… I was working in a flower green house over spring many years ago. My job was to take seedlings and put them in the 6 packs that you get at the store. Most of the time, it

Up close shot of a butterfly

No problem, I did a little research and just bought it recently. The good thing about point and shoot cameras is the new ones now come with a lot of manual settings. The Sony HX50 is by far the best bang for your buck,

What is this cool plant I found?

Sorry for the delayed response, I believe there is both male and female parts on a single plant so there isnt male or female distinctions among this species. The image is of the top and bottom of the foliage, the bottom being the one