Top 1000 Macro Pictures

Honeybee Covered in Zucchini Pollen

1/200, but it doesn’t matter: There is no natural light in that scene, so the only light is the flash. Since I’m holding onto the flower with my left hand, and resting the lens on that same hand, the only motion I have to

Ear bud foam

They’re seriously the best tips you can get, short of custom molds. I thought the Westone 3 sounded like crap for years, but using the Comply Foam I finally hear what everyone likes about it.

The Mantis

it looks like archimantis latistyla to me, but its hard to tell for sure without seeing the whole body. Very pretty shot.

My Stereo

Manual lens, one handed shot other was holding flash. Stopped down to f/8. Guesswork. I hear about this thing called stacking, going to give it a try.

First Attempt at Bubble Photos

Thanks. Also if you don’t have a good macro lens I have heard of people holding their lenses backwards. Might be tricky. But possible. I also have an extension set I got off the eBay for very cheap. As these don’t contain glass, you

Praying mantis O v O

Looking at this made me scream like a baby then suffer from hysterical laughter after receiving a strange look from my friend..About a [7]

Carpenter Bee on My Finger

Like most of my insect macros I’m actually resting the lens on my left hand, the same hand that has the subject or its perch. With both the camera and the subject on the same “platform” there is no camera motion to compensate for,

Crab Spider fighting a Honeybee

Goddamn right the spider won. They post up on flowers for the sole purpose of killing bees for dinner. I love spiders. I love pollinators too but I have a deep respect for spiders.

A curious jumping spider

Thanks, and yes, I did in fact take it haha. I get asked about my setup a ton, but I love talking about it! I’m a HUGE camera geek. My setup is a Canon 5DII with an MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1x-5x lens. I use

Beetle face as test subject for the new Macro setup

Its called a Macropod. New system from a new company. Works pretty well, but I’m still learning obviously. The base is a Canon 6D. The system then autosteps the photos and the software stitches them together. Very cool system and I’m super excited to

A cute bee and others on my afternoon hike is a reasonable example of one of my photos, but I was able use flash there, which I don’t often. And it’s not as close as OPs. EXIF data should be attached to the pic. is one where I didn’t use flash.

Zombiewalk macro

Backstory: Zombiewalk is a parade where people dress up as zombies and walk around a town. This shot was taken at the parade in Helsinki, Finland. The guy had contacts and a streak of fake blood streaming down from his forehead got between his

Right-Hand Border of a $5 Bill

Yeah, I should probably try to find a new subject. I just like the idea of taking something you interact with every day and looking at it in a way you never have before.

Spider found in the shade at Pedernales Falls

You just have to know the right time to go camping in Texas. Not during the heat of summer, which is from May to September, and not during hurricane season, which is October, and definitely not during ice-storm season, which is February.

Cicada, 10 shot focus stack

Thanks, in a nut shell, you take several shots (in this case 10), where the focal plane is shifted progressively through the subject. So in the first shot, perhaps the front feet are in focus but the rest of the bug behind the feet

My dog’s nose

I guess this isn’t true macro, but it’s getting pretty close. I think my next investment will be a prime macro lens. The canon 100mm seems nice, the canon 100mm L seems ideal because of image stabilization and a bit more sharpness, but I

Honeybee Covered in Zucchini Pollen #1

I spotted this honeybee feeding in a zucchini flower and knew she’d be covered in some huge pollen, but the flower was very low to the ground and it was just a really bad angle to shoot from. So when she landed on a
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