Top 1000 Exposure Pictures

Lights on a hula hoop at Skyline drive, Va.

I don’t remember the exact roads but think it’s off road 211 (Lee highway). Going into the park it’s about a 20 minute drive from the main gate. It’s great! During the summer I shot the meteor shower and the Milky Way was spectacular.

Double exposure of my friend Nina

It’s not that difficult. Here is a tutorial and some inspiration: Just make sure that the person is dark and the background rather light. This will make it easier in Photoshop. Taking a picture in front of a window is the easiest way


What I don’t understand is this exposure is almost 4 hours long. Why isn’t everything (especially the tree) just pure white? I understand it’s night time, but wouldn’t everything eventually just be way over exposed? Also, how do you go about taking a 4

124 second exposure of a snowy forest

I’m guessing this isn’t original content, as this photo has been pretty recognized on Flickr for a few years now, so OP won’t know. However this was taken with a d80. 124s is really close to 2m and I’m guessing the photographer was using

80 min exposure behind ruined English castle

So I posted this somewhere else a few seconds ago: “So I’ve got a non-DSLR camera that’s basically just a high end point/shoot with a DSLR sensor. ([Sony DSC HX100V]( Whenever I expose for longer than ~3 seconds, it takes a while to process,

The spiral road – South Korea

I know what switchbacks are for, but look at the trees, they generally grow straight up. There ain’t much of a hill to necitate that. I can see why the first one, but it seems a bit excessive.

While everyone was stranded during the Georgia snowstorm, I attempted my first long exposure shot.

Another option like your football suggestion would be these [glow-in-the-dark]( and [light-up]( Ultimate Frisbees. My friends and I own a few and they look awesome on their own, but I bet they’d make a pretty sweet light trail for this kind of shot.

Aurora over Norway

I found the photo on the [photographer’s Flickr Page]( and there is no Exif data so I am unsure what he used to get this shot

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s air quality is actually pretty ok for a city of this size. If this picture was taken recently, it’s been super misty at night and in the morning, and pretty cloudy during the days.

Startrail twister

I have to admit, at first I saw your photos and thought it was odd how you were always dodging questions about how it was done. But now I get it. If others want to be as inventive and creative as you, *then* they

Road Trip

Have tried the same thing for many times but my endless enemy is the vibrations so i can’t pass any of my photos. So i have tried to battle it with rear flash sync to sharpen the interior more. Thanks for the rundown how

Embers from a chiminea.

Alrighty, so this picture was taken when it was nearly pitch black outside. You may be wondering, “Well it looks bright!”, and that’s because i set my set the my shutter to open for 10 seconds and my f stop to 4.5, which means