Top 1000 Exposure Pictures

Northern light beauty

A really intense display can be this bright to the eye – though this does look a little weirdly white-balanced. Active displays are usually actually more impressive to the eye because there’s a lot of fast motion which just gets smeared out to consumer

Infrared Sunset, about a 10 minute exposure.- Vermont

IR photography only takes out the light in the Infrared Spectrum. There are two ways to do this; you can use a filter such as the [Hoya R72]( or [Singh Ray I-Ray]( or you can convert the camera to only take IR through a

Lightning in Greece

According to OC’s [website](, it’s a composite: “In order to make the sequence, I set the camera to a tripod taking 20 second shots continuously. After 83 minutes I ended up with approximately 90 lightning shots. I had to exclude around 20 because the

Arctic Alps

The Photo took my breath away, I cant even imagine what it would be like to be there the moment the photo was taken.

NYC Skyline from golden hour to blue hour

Some information: **Where**: Gantry Plaza State Park (Queens, NY) **Time and conditions**: Slightly cloudy, clearing skies preceded by a light drizzle **Equipment and settings**: Canon 5DmkIII + 17-40mm lens (focal length set at 40mm), 6-stop ND filter, f/16, 2 min exposure, ISO 100. **Other

I-90 heading into Boston at sunrise

Apologies, I wasn’t implying it wasn’t a shot you didn’t take, more that you had the wrong vantage spot for I90. If you’ve never been there, you want the [Jose Rizal Bridge]( on [12th Avenue South]( If you plan on taking really long exposures,

Western Australia

I think you’ll find this is (at least) two images: one with a tracker to follow the stars and another of the foreground. I can’t believe the stars would be that bright and clear without a tracker and when using a tracker the foreground

Cosmos Star Trail

Yeah, I dunno why it took me so long to figure out the slow zoom. I had pretty much just woken up when I wrote my initial comment so perhaps all brain cylinders weren’t firing yet