Top 1000 Exposure Pictures

My city at night

Did you shoot this in RAW? I’d love to see a version of this with more ‘daylike’ colors, as in the street being grey as it should, and so on, like in this shot that I took.

158 Seconds of Hawaiian Beach

The wispy water is good. But speaking from a composition and execution standpoint, there’s a lot that doesn’t really work. I know you didn’t post to get a critique, but as an image, it doesn’t really come together.

30 seconds of a firework misfiring in my garden

Cheers! It was purely by chance that I managed to capture it, but It was a pleasant surprise after we had all collectively shat the bed a little. Haha, yeah! Thankfully his face was un-melted, although his jacket was a little singed I think.

Point of view of a show car (20 seconds)

For the curious, this is the [Toyota FT-86 II concept]( from 2011, as displayed at the Melbourne International Motorshow of that year. The technique is to get a solid tripod, a wide-angle lens and a hopefully smooth turntable which the car is on. ASK

Lake Tahoe Startrail

I don’t have much experience here… my combination camera/type of pics I take look good enough with it off. (usually in freezing weather) I think you’d be able to take a single all-black picture and subtract that from the others in post-processing… but I’m

Mmm colors. LED strip in the woods

Realised I’d got the LED strip described already after the helpful links (thanks OP!) Worked out a way of powering it (ended up stashing a 100ah leisure battery WAY OVERKILL) in my rucksack and wiring up some croc clips and headed out with the

Pereids from Nevada

By coincidence, I was having a discussion on how to go about this. I assume you have been taking pictures for several hours, right? Did you rotate the frames, so that the stars lined up? or did you use some kind of rotating tripod?

I-70 Heading East into Denver, CO.

It was taken on Saturday Dec 27. Here’s the location:,-105.294683&spn=0.001715,0.004128&t=h&z=19&layer=c&cbll=39.710103,-105.29472&panoid=E3XoYNcbIPXbYD2h-n4qRQ&cbp=12,100.8,,0,11.7

Low ISO 13 second exposure of forest area

Sure, well for starters, in photoshop, if you increase the clarity and exposure a bit, you’d have more to look at. Second, one thing that’s really important in photography is to draw the eye of the viewer towards an element of the image. When

Flight trail over London

Weirdly, that link redirected to the Google home page. But you gave me the name so all is well. At first I thought you were making one of those “here let me Google that for you” jokes, and I was like, “but he/she seemed

Finding Solace by Michael B. Stuart

Thanks! Those are all just me standing still in 20 second increments. First & last time I tried it so I want to do more like it this year. My processing involves mainly Lightroom but for a photo like this I use Nik Silver

Huangpu river tunnel 3.2 seconds exposure, China

Source: [3.2 Seconds]( by [Joel Santos]( on []( Request for [RF License](

On the rocks. Oregon.

Thanks man! ‘Preciate that. As far as getting there goes, just make sure you begin on Crooked Finger Rd., and drive until it becomes gravel.. Take your first right – it is a small gravel road that eventually becomes a steep as fuck, potholed

Fireworks infront of my house

There is a pattern in many/most of the stars: dim star right below brighter star. This makes me think the camera was moved slightly during the shot, but for a 5sec exposure that would be a fast sequence of events to have had happen.
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