Top 1000 Exposure Pictures

Startrails @ Sutton Grange Australia

I also do star trails (not this quality, of course). Some cameras have a built in setting to continuously take photos, however most don’t. You can buy an intervalometer. They are relatively inexpensive. I think I paid $12 for mine online. They are pretty

Banksy’s Dismaland at Night

This doesn’t really count because you cut off much of the image. I think the point is that it would have been preferred to have it straight, and with all the spires visible. However I know from another thread that OP has his back

Swinging on anchor

Thanks! It’s taken from the back of a yacht which was swinging in an arch when on anchor. The swinging is what gives you the horizontal trails. The wiggling the trails is just the slight motion of the waves on both the boat the

Quintessential Maine Scene at Night

Haha, usually between a half hour and multiple hours, depending. Check out our [Processing]( page for a handful of Before & Afters with EXIF, etc. If I’m blending a few different shots it takes longer, and if it requires a few different layer masks

Escaping The Lights (advice appreciated!)

Maybe I’m just odd, but cropping to the left in my opinion would close the picture in too much. I’m more of a video person, but there is a rule in video where you should give a person head space in the direction their

Exposure of Berlin, Germany

I honestly like it. I’m not a huge fan of extreme HDR photography but when done right, it can look nice. This one has a bit of a dreamy look to it. Any chance you would mind explaining how you did it? How many


I don’t get why everyone is so upset. These photos are awesome and pretty unique. The dude made his own machine that slowly zooms in over a few hours. It’s not something you can just go buy. He knows his shit, he built something

Sketchy Underpass in Mannheim

To be honest, i don’t know. My guess: The scene was really dark and the cars were going fairly fast and were only in the picture for maybe 8 seconds. You can see the gleam of the right car along the wall and also