Top 1000 Exposure Pictures

Took this milky way selfie earlier this year

Actually, if you don’t use calendar years (e.g. 2013, 2014, etc.), “This Year” could mean any of the 364 days that happened between this date last year and this date today. Technically speaking. One year is approximately 365 days, no?

LED Snowboarder by David Lehl

Sry, I was judging based off the second image that hotshower posted: That one is clearly using a flash pop to freeze the boarder. Looking back on the first one, it definitely has some photoshoping (a bit heavy handed in the sky too).

July 4th @200ft

Like [San Diego last year]( EDIT: **TURN YOUR SOUND WAYY DOWN** (Sorry /u/Kingmilano and anyone else who has no hearing anymore.)

Freehand light drawing

Are you shooting in FX or DX? My D7000 is DX and I LOVE my 10-24mm, it’s fun to use. It’s great for landscapes, outdoor scenes as well as interior shots (I do real estate photography and it gets into all those tight spots).

Path of Illumination (Colorado)

Settings: 70s exposure, f/2.8, ISO 100, 17mm. Shot with a Canon Rebel T2i with Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8. Light source: [this flashlight](

Oxford University under the winter Milky Way, England is the source CameraNIKON D4 LensZeiss 15mm f2.8 Focal Length15mm Shutter Speed20 secs Aperturef/2.8 ISO/Film1600 I’m not sure if the people commenting are aware that’s its a composite, the light pollution around any major city is incredible, drowning out all but the brightest

Grand Canyon Star Trails

I shoot at 16mm and with a 1 second delay between shots (30 seconds long). I have a battery grip to change out batteries during shooting since the cold will drain them pretty quick. I use my camera bag to weigh down my tripod

Refueling a CH-53E at night (10 min exposure)

That’s where the ground crew and the air crew were working to refuel. The green light yiy see are glow sticks like you buy for camping. She took in a few thousand pounds of fuel, and with the rotors spinning and all three engines

Old School Startrails

So, I know that this isn’t an AMA, but I have some questions if you don’t mind answering them! I have wanted to get into star trail photography for a while. However, I do not know what kind of results I could get with

Selfie I took while on a walk a few days ago

I like taking hipster model photography like [this]( one I did a few weeks ago of myself, but nope I didn’t. I love late night walks on my days off. Walking deserted streets while listening to music

Disneyworld long exposure

If this is really your OC then it’s amazing. I saw this photo several years back and I’ve seen it used hundreds of times on various websites and advertisements. Great one!

Joshua Tree Startrail

wow, 4 hours of exposure!! Did you capture in raw or compressed file format? How did you set the focus by hand or computer? I can rest when I have done one of these myself and have it hanging on my wall!! Good job

Double exposure of myself

Sorry if I let people down but I actually made this is photoshop because my Nikon doesn’t have a double exposure feature on the camera itself. I took both images and put them into photoshop, mask everything out except myself, import 2nd picture, adjustments:

77 stacked star photos with as many cars.

If your camera has Continuous shooting mode, all you need is a wired shutter release. You get better results doing this because the gaps between the stars are smaller than you get with a timer. Using a timer, you have to give the camera


I believe he means two exposures (since he said 2 x 16 mm as well). It’s common in astrophotography to take one exposure to properly expose the stars and then another to properly expose the landscape to get nice even lighting after editing in
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