Top 1000 Exposure Pictures

Pyrophorus nyctophanus, aka the Headlight Beetle, is a bioluminescent beetle that makes its home in termite mounds found in the Brazilian Cerrado; Tatiana Clauzet

Yeah, the effect was made zooming in (or out) during the exposure. The image appears in the [National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2015]( The photographer is Tatiana Clauzet, and her description is: > This photo was taken in the Brazilian Cerrado of the amazing

Tomorrow’s Whisper by Michael B. Stuart

So – to anyone more familiar with Reddit: Is this the best spot to post some of my photos? Not really understanding the Earth vs Water vs Sky designations in other spots & I enjoyed all the feedback here so I’ll probably do more.

Long exposure sunset shot in Florida

I went for a BW110. It’s a 10 stop ND filter. I chose a strong filter so as to be able to go for long exposure day shots. Spending money on a 2 or 4 stops at first may be disappointing because during the

Steel Wool at an Old Train Station.

I think leds are kind of cheezy unless you do something really really cool with them. the only thing ive come close to with that is when my friend ran through one of my pictures with one when i told him not to.

Trail Lights near Washington DC

The shot itself isn’t too bad just a bit under exposed. Shoot at a higher ISO or rather a longer exposure time. Make sure the horizon is straight and when editing don’t go to harsh on the saturation and lighten up the shadows and

Bass Harbor Lighthouse through welders glass

After some digging, it appears my filter has a neutral density of 5.0. Which if my seriously uneducated guess is even close, puts it at 16 stops. Maybe that is too dark. Or maybe an hour long exposure in daylight could be pretty cool.

Milky Way over Australia

I live in Australia, so we get pretty dark skies a few hours away from major towns and cities. I am an astrophotographer so I have had the awesome pleasure of witnessing this personally, in some of the darkest night skies and best conditions

Long exposure shows the glow from a Noctiluca scintillans algal bloom along the seashore in Hong Kong; Kin Cheung

[5760 x 3840]( And here, enjoy some more [visually similar images](

LA, Mulholland Dr.

This is absolutely amazing and awesome. Those letters are perfect! And that little shimmer along the top point of the A… I just love this!

Hey Reddit. I made this for you.

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