Pollination Series 1-1

Shooting Carpenter Bees in the heat of the day is some of the most difficult macro photography that I’ve ever done! Hoping to get another chance to photograph them before the “macro season” is over. Tech Specs: Canon 1D Mark III (F16, 1/250, ISO

Yellow Jacket nest.

Source: [Yellow Jacket nest](http://500px.com/photo/72187663?utm_campaign=bot&utm_content=botcomment&utm_medium=web&utm_source=reddit) by [Kolby Stewart](http://500px.com/kdstew3?utm_campaign=bot&utm_content=botcomment&utm_medium=web&utm_source=reddit) on [500px.com](http://500px.com?utm_campaign=bot&utm_content=botcomment&utm_medium=web&utm_source=reddit) Available for [HD Download](https://500px.com/photo/72187663/download?utm_campaign=bot&utm_content=botcomment&utm_medium=web&utm_source=reddit) and [Framed Print](http://www.500pxart.com/photo/72187663?substrate=paper&style=PF&frame=F0092&size=M&utm_campaign=bot&utm_content=botcomment&utm_medium=web&utm_source=reddit). Request for [Royalty Free License](https://prime.500px.com/photos/72187663?utm_campaign=bot&utm_content=botcomment&utm_medium=web&utm_source=reddit).

Wolf spider portrait

I kept a female back in college to try and get over my slight archnophobia (not truly phobic, just *really fucking leary*). You just undid all of that.

The eye of a Enyalius lizard

I use a reverse 28-35mm or close-up filter on other lenses, this lizard was with the 18-55 kit lens and a close-up from Raynox, don’t remember if +8 or +22, probably the first.

My city at night

Did you shoot this in RAW? I’d love to see a version of this with more ‘daylike’ colors, as in the street being grey as it should, and so on, like in this shot http://500px.com/photo/43805026 that I took.

158 Seconds of Hawaiian Beach

The wispy water is good. But speaking from a composition and execution standpoint, there’s a lot that doesn’t really work. I know you didn’t post to get a critique, but as an image, it doesn’t really come together.

15 tiny mushrooms

They look like little jellyfish. It reminds me of [this](http://www.fimfiction-static.net/images/story_images/113523.png?1372460367)

Watch Parts

I have a friend that uses watch parts to make cool [steampunk type belt buckles and cuff links](http://www.etsy.com/listing/106607917/steampunk-square-bezel-cuff-links-matte).

30 seconds of a firework misfiring in my garden

Cheers! It was purely by chance that I managed to capture it, but It was a pleasant surprise after we had all collectively shat the bed a little. Haha, yeah! Thankfully his face was un-melted, although his jacket was a little singed I think.

Point of view of a show car (20 seconds)

For the curious, this is the [Toyota FT-86 II concept](http://www.ultimatecarpage.com/car/4715/Toyota-FT-86-II-Concept.html) from 2011, as displayed at the Melbourne International Motorshow of that year. The technique is to get a solid tripod, a wide-angle lens and a hopefully smooth turntable which the car is on. ASK

Solitary Bee on a Dandelion III

Pretty much the same setup as the first images in this series, but I’ll list it all again here. Tech Specs: Canon 70D (F16, 1/250, ISO 100) + a Canon MP-E 65mm macro lens (almost 3x) + a diffused MT-24EX. This is a single,

Lake Tahoe Startrail

I don’t have much experience here… my combination camera/type of pics I take look good enough with it off. (usually in freezing weather) I think you’d be able to take a single all-black picture and subtract that from the others in post-processing… but I’m


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Mmm colors. LED strip in the woods

Realised I’d got the LED strip described already after the helpful links (thanks OP!) Worked out a way of powering it (ended up stashing a 100ah leisure battery WAY OVERKILL) in my rucksack and wiring up some croc clips and headed out with the

Pereids from Nevada

By coincidence, I was having a discussion on how to go about this. I assume you have been taking pictures for several hours, right? Did you rotate the frames, so that the stars lined up? or did you use some kind of rotating tripod?

Colored Contact Lens – 5184×3456

The material used for colour contacts is very different than the material used in clear ones, the material can’t let air and water through as easily as clear ones. They starve your eye of oxygen. Which is vital to healthy eyes obviously.
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