Knifes Edge

Re the solder, I could maybe see that, but it also took a bite out of the blade at the exact same place. I’m going with spark that was hot enough to melt the blade’s metal for an instant, the spark’s explosive force causing

Julia profile

I’ve often wondered how insects see the world. I’ve seen the ” representations” of a kaleidoscope view because of the multi facets, but do we know how their brains process that information? And how about spiders with their 8 eyes? Should we summon /u/unidan?

Long exposure at the fair.

Ahh yeah that makes sense. Wicked shot. I usually hate hearing this but well. I have nothing to contribute. That just looks fucking awesome. Clearly you put work into it (or at least did a few attempts with different exposures.) Keep up the good

Broadway in the Manhattan blackout

I had to walk my little sister in to Chinatown from Brooklyn. Went over the Manhattan bridge carrying her luggage. Power was out halfway across, and as soon as we hit the dark, shit got crazy. A twitchy homeless dude was threatening to cut

NSFW Artistic Nude Blue Female Light Being Studio El Wire

Good question. It depends on whom you ask. Conservative people might consider this image porn already, because there is nudity, and don’t refer to it as artistic nude. It all depends on your religious/country/etc background. Some people consider the explicit photographs of photographer Terry

Walking Iris

The pedals look like they have [trichomes]( just like a pot plant. Trichomes store most of the THC in pot.

My attempt at a double exposure.

You’re incorrect about how double exposure works. It’s not equal blending, it’s addition. You can only add light when you open the shutter again, not subtract or “blend.” If something is white in either exposure, it cannot become anything else. This image could easily

10 Layers of paint over drywall

You might have noticed separation near the top of the pink layer. The pink layer has a chalky texture which reacted with the layer above it. When I cut the plasterboard to repair a water-damaged section, the 5 layers above the pink have a

Los Angeles

It’s the Griffith Observatory, probably the most tourist friendly spot possible to get a great view of the LA skyline. Reasonable amount of parking and it’s all free of charge. Perfectly safe at night, but watch out for crowds as it tends to fill

Moonlit Navajo Bridge, Grand Canyon

Something about this doesn’t feel natural to me; if I had to guess it looks like you have a picture during the afternoon for the bridge, judging by the shadows, and a picture at night for the sky. Maybe try snapping the foreground at

Happy Midwinter!

I take care of 9 space weather experiments for various universities, run the greenhouse and do other various things around the station but there are 45 people here for the winter with all kinds of jobs from dealing with waste, materials, power/water plant techs,

Brighton Beach

Lincoln! I’ve been following your work for a while now, big fan! I just landed back in Sydney, feel free to check out my stuff on

Up and personal with a Southern Copperhead

Admittedly I did run it though photoshop quickly, but this is pretty much fully do-able in Lightroom. Specifically look at the noise reduction (would be even better with Raw) Obviously element of personal taste goes into anything and I am not at all

Milky way over a Hawaiian beach

Sure just look up masking in Photoshop:) This is my free HDR tutorial, it is not using stars but will show you how to apply a layer mask then you can apply the same skill to your star pictures in photoshop. I also

6 people travelling 17,000 mph

Yeah. So imagine throwing a ball. Eventually that ball hits the ground. Now, imagine throwing that ball 17,000 mph. That ball would still fall towards the earth, but it wouldn’t hit the earth. That’s what the ISS is doing, and that’s what orbit is.

A Full Moon

This has been posted in a lot of subs. It is a fake frog with glass eyes. You can see the paint brush marks around the eye and mouth.

Luna moth’s antennae

I can only recall ever seeing a Luna moth in real life on one occasion. I was perhaps 5 or 6 years old. At the time we lived in an old farmhouse out in the country. My siblings and I found it on the

The portrait of a wasp

U$180 for the camera, a used Canon G9 U$100 for the close-up filter msn-202 and U$6 for it’s adapter U$11 for the external flash (cy-20) and U$16 for the cord Still it’s far from being the cheapest setup possible.

Wasp sucking the insides out of another insect

If you look at the left wing (insect’s right) you can tell that the item in discussion is scoop-shaped. Additionally, the light would pass through the cells of a trasnparent wing, allowing us see through it, whereas this elytra is opaque. My guess is